CONDITIONS : All dealers who wish to open an account must request it by completing the form provided for this purpose. They must have a Quebec enterprise number (NEQ). Payments must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. If your account exceeds 60 days, all your orders will be automatically suspended and an interest charge of 2% per month, or 24% per year will be apply. Goods sold remain the property of Distribution RS Inc. until final payment is received.

PAYMENT DISCOUNT : All customers who benefit from an open account will be granted a 2% discount if the amount of their purchases is paid within 10 working days after the invoice date. Payments made by credit card will not qualify for the 2% payment discount. No discount will be granted if you have overdue invoices on your account.

ORDERS : Merchandise available for orders received before 2:00 PM will be shipped the same day. An overdue account will result in a delivery delay or your order will be shipped COD payable money order, Visa or Master Card.

BACK ORDER : Items not available at the time of your order will be noted and will be shipped to you without notice upon receipt at our warehouses without freight charges, except in the Maritimes, Magdalen Islands and remote regions (minimum value of $ 30.00). B/O under $ 30.00 can be sent to you at your request, but transportation will be at your expense. These items are kept on order on file for a period of 60 days. In order to avoid any possibility of error, we ask you to advise us if you wish to cancel these B/O. Any back order refused by the customer will be credited less freight and handling charges of 20%.

PRICE CHANGE : Prices are subject to change without notice or according to exchange rate fluctuations.

DELIVERY OF UNSIGNED PACKAGES : It is the customer's responsibility to be present when the package is delivered. Distribution RS Inc. cannot be held responsible for a package delivered without a signature and left at the door of the store. The loss of the package will be attributable to you and the invoice must be paid.

CLAIMS : Any claim for incomplete orders, pricing errors or an incorrect invoice must be submitted within 30 days after the invoice date. Any claim for damage or loss in transport must be presented within 10 days after the invoice date. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the package is not damaged and to notify the delivery person of any damage to the package.

Defective new DRS parts : The part will be replaced free of charge and shipped with your next order.
Error shipping : The part will be shipped without delay and without shipping costs. You can keep the part and it will be charged to you or you can return it to us free of charge by requesting an authorization number.
Customer error : You can return the part to us by obtaining an authorization number within 15 days of receipt of the goods, but you will be charged for freight and handling charges of 20%. The returned part must reach us in new condition in its original packaging.

RETURN AND WARRANTY : Please note that no merchandise will be accepted for credit or exchange unless you have obtained an authorization number from our office within 15 days after receipt of the merchandise. You must enter this authorization number on your return form along with the reason for the return. A copy of the purchase invoice with return number must be added with the returned merchandise. Please note that merchandise returns must comply with these procedures, otherwise no credit will be issued.

Returns will be credited to your account less applicable fees. You are kindly requested not to deduct this credit directly from your payment in order to avoid errors. We reserve the right to issue credit or replace merchandise for a product warranty claim. The merchandise must be returned to us according to our instructions. If a package is returned to us through our Purolator account and this shipment has not been previously authorized, you will be billed for freight. The goods distributed by Distribution RS Inc. are only guaranteed under the terms and conditions established by the original manufacturers. No obligation can be retained against Distribution RS Inc. with respect to a warranty claim or the result of the application of such a warranty. Any manufacturer warranty claim must be sent to our offices within 30 days after the date of the breakage.

SHIPPING COSTS : We assume the transport costs for any order of parts of $ 400.00 and more before taxes, by the carrier of our choice, except in the Maritimes, Magdalen Islands and remote regions. On the other hand, this does not include very heavy units such as : batteries, drills, motors, oil, garden trailers, mowers and all other products such as Otter, Precision, Brinly, Chapin, California Trimmer etc. For all orders of $ 400.00 and less, shipping costs will be added to your invoice. This rule may be different for discount sales or if your account is overdue. For all special orders of parts, additional shipping costs may apply. For delivery on a pallet, additional charges may apply if the tailgate is used for unload.

It is important to note that all orders must be greater than or equal to $ 30.00 before taxes. If an order is less than this amount, a handling and administration fees of $ 4.00 will be added to your invoice in addition to the usual freight charges. A single addition to the original order of the day will be accepted at no additional cost. All other additional orders will be considered new orders and therefore subject to the usual shipping costs.

RESPONSABILITY : Distribution RS Inc. cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from a failure or from the use of merchandise from Distribution RS Inc. The settlement of a claim shall at no time exceed the price of purchase of the goods.

IDENTIFICATION : The majority of our parts carry an original part number and are only affixed for identification purposes. When you place an order, please always use the DRS part number.

CATALOG : This catalog has been compiled using data from competent sources. Please note that no responsibility will be assumed by our company if it contains the slightest error. However, reporting these errors would be greatly appreciated. This catalog is offered to you free of charge. A fee of $ 20.00 will be charged for any additional copy needed.